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Preliminary Application for the GAILE Pioneering Program

Please answer all of the following questions.  Read the instructions for each question carefully before answering.  Answer as accurately and as honestly as you can.  There are no right or wrong answers.  Failure to answer honestly will distort the  assessment of your chances for selection.

Data from the Preliminary Application is not used in the formal selection process and in no way influences the decision on any application. It is therefore in the applicant’s best interests to answer questions on the Preliminary Application as accurately and as honestly as possible. Failure to do so will only distort the estimated probabilities and give the applicant a false assessment of his or her chances.

If you receive a low probability of selection, you may reapply with different first and second choices or try again in the future. Sometimes, a low probability might be due to the openings and schedules available for a particular planet, or might be due to the personnel needs of the settlement at the time you apply.

You do NOT have to register to complete the preliminary application. If you subscribe, you will automatically receive e-mail about postings in the News and Updates section including new contributions to the site. Your information will not be shared with others for any purpose. To Subscribe, CLICK HERE.  After subscribing, you will be returned to this page.

You may retake the preliminary application screening questionnaire as many times as you wish.  Good luck and best wishes for a bright future.

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