Opportunities for Immigrants – Yom


Yom offers practically unlimited opportunities for all types of applicants. Lack of a specific skill poses no obstacle to those who wish to emigrate to Yom, though skilled tradespeople and professionals in every field are urgently needed. Medical doctors, electronics manufacturing technicians, cooks and engineers and designers of all kinds remain in greatest demand.

Land may be claimed in every major populated area as well as in uninhabited areas. No limit exists on farm or industrial land claims, although use provisions similar to those of the other colonies are stipulated. Personal housing claims of 20 to 30 hectares, divided into several parcels, may be made. Immigrants may continue to occupy the starship spires in which they traveled for unlimited periods, paying only a nominal maintenance fee.

GAILE currently operates a starship of the quad hex configuration which makes two trips annually between Earth and Yom carrying 6,000 pioneers per trip. Travel time requires 99 days of planet’s time and 68 days of ship’s time.