Opportunities for Immigrants – Poseidous


Opportunities exist on Poseidous for all skilled tradespeople and professionals. Android technicians, programmers, telecommunications specialists, doctors, cooks, and engineers and designers of all types appear to be in greatest demand at present. Because Poseidous’s immigration program handles fewer people than any other colony, opportunities for unskilled workers are scarce. Immigrants comprise approximately five percent of Poseidous’s population and their median income measures 10 percent higher than that of the average Poseidon. All immigrants are advised to learn Sinoenglish before departing for Poseidous. GAILE offers tuition-free classes to all candidates accepted for the program.

Unclaimed land remains plentiful on Poseidous. Claims may be filed with the island government on which land is claimed. On uninhabited islands, no formal claim is required. The amount of land that may be claimed for personal dwellings varies from island to island, and depends in part upon family size and proximity to the sea coast. In general, inland claims may be larger. Many islands require that all industrial claims be made inland. On most islands claims may be transferred via sale.

GAILE provides transportation for 6,000 immigrants each Earth year in a starship of the single hex configuration. Travel time requires 57 days of ship time and 86 days of planet time. Twelve information probes are exchanged annually between Earth and Poseidous.