Habitable Exoplanets

Emigrate to Habitable Exoplanets – per aspera ad astra

In 2376, eight Earth-like habitable exoplanets are open to emigrants from Earth. These worlds support life, have oceans and breathable atmospheres, and are similar to Earth in many other ways. Earth citizens have an amazing opportunity to live and thrive on these new worlds if they are selected into the GAILE Habitable Exoplanets Pioneering Program.

This site explains the Exoplanet Pioneering Program sponsored by the Galactic Association of Intelligent Life – Earth Branch (GAILE). It expands upon the GAILE Handbook for Space Pioneers  providing general information about the administrative aspects of the Pioneering Program, a description of each of the eight exoplanet colonies to which Earth citizens may emigrate, and a preliminary application quiz you can take to assess your chances of going to a new world.

Earth Citizens may emigrate to one of these habitable exoplanets similar to Earth
Exoplanets Similar to Earth

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Figure 1.1 – Stars of the Winter Sky Showing Location of Exoplanet Colonies

Figure 1.2 – Stars of the Summer Sky Showing Location of Exoplanet Colonies

Figure 2.1 – Milky Way Galaxy with Earth/Sol Location

Figure 2.2 – GAILEarth Explored Space showing locations of Exoplanets

Figure 3.1.001 – GAILE Habitable Exoplanet Solar Systems Diagram

Figure 3.1.002 – Exoplanets Similar to Earth

Figure 3.2.001 – Global Map of Exoplanet Wyzdom

Figure 3.2.002 – Wyzdom View From Space

Figure 3.2.003 – Aerial Image Allahm Mountains – Chiron Wyzdom

Figure 3.3.001 – Map of Rigel Kentaurus Showing Travels of Kerensky Minerals Company Expedition #173

Figure 3.3.002 – Glass Beach of Rigel Kentaurus Wyzdom

Figure 3.4 – The Kotorovich Family Home

Figure 3.5.001 – Global Map of Exoplanet Poseidous

Figure 3.5.002 – Poseidous View From Space

Figure 3.6 – New Britain Island

Figure 3.7 – Soonge Family Estate, New Britain Island

Figure 3.8.001 – Global Map of Exoplanet Brobdingnag

Figure 3.8.002 – Brobdingnag View From Space

Figure 3.9 – Horne Grazing Claim – Central Dionaea

Figure 3.10 – The Lazy Eta Dragon Ranch, Central Dionaea

Figure 3.11.001 – Global Map of Exoplanet Genesis

Figure 3.11.002 – Genesis View From Space

Figure 3.12 – Orb – Developed Area #3, Exoplanet Genesis

Figure 3.13 – Mark 8 Primary Soil Preparation Combine

Figure 3.14.001 – Global Map of Exoplanet Mammon

Figure 3.14.002 – Mammon View From Space

Figure 3.15 – Mammon Intergalactic Hotel

Figure 3.16.001 – Mammon Intergalactic Hotel Locator Index Map

Figure 3.16.002 – Typical Alpha Type Mining Facility

Figure 3.17.001 – Global Map of Exoplanet Yom

Figure 3.17.002 – Yom View From Space

Figure 3.18 – Triangulus Dexteralis Field of Vision

Figure 3.19.001 – Triangulus Dexteralis (TRUP) Characteristics and Population Estimates

Figure 3.19.002 – Triangulus Dexteralis (TRUP) Eating – Original Watercolor by Rose McGillicuddy

Figure 3.19.003 – Triangulus Dexteralis (TRUP) Sharing Food – Original Watercolor by Rose McGillicuddy

Figure 3.20.001 – Global Map of Exoplanet Romulus

Figure 3.20.002 – Romulus View From Space

Figure 3.21 – Orbits of Exoplanets Romulus and Remus

Figure 3.22 – Matthew Obo Orbiting Laboratory for study of Exoplanet Remus

Figure 3.23.001 – Global Map of Exoplanet Athena

Figure 3.23.002 – Athena View From Space

Figure 3.24 – Planned First Settlement of Athena – Carpithean


 Figure 4.1 – Modular Starship Used to Transport Colonists to Exoplanet Colonies

Figure 4.2 GAILE Quad-Hex Starship General Arrangement

Figure 4.3 GAILE Modular Starship Configurations

Figure 4.4.001 – GAILE Starship Hex Array

Figure 4.4.002 – GAILE Starship Force Field Wand Under Construction in Earth Orbit

Figure 4.5 – GAILE Starship Life Support Spire

Figure 4.6.001 – GAILE Starship Supply Storage Pod

Figure 4.6.002 – Typical Pod Manufacturing Facility

Figure 4.6.003 – Typical Spire Manufacturing Facility

Figure 4.7 – GAILE Starship Defense Shields

Figure 4.8 – GAILE Starship Planck’s Torch Drive

Figure 4.9 – GAILE Starship Residential Pod

Figure 4.10 GAILE Starship Residential Spire Floor Plan

Figure 4.11 GAILE Starship Spire Family Living Unit 001

Figure 4.12 GAILE Starship Spire Family Living Unit 002

Figure 4.13 GAILE Starship Recreational and Activity Pod

Figure 4.14.001 GAILE Starship Spire Detachment and Landing Sequence to Colony Exoplanet

Figure 4.14.002 Spire Living Unit on Romulus

Figure 4.15 GAILE Starship Command and Navigation Pod

Figure 4.16 GAILE Starship Command and Navigation Pod Bridge

Figure 4.17 GAILE Starship Main Computer Deck

Figure 4.18 GAILE Starship Crew Residence Deck

Figure 4.19 GAILE Starship Crew Compartment Floor Plan

Figure 4.20 GAILE Starship Science Pod

Figure 4.21 – GAILE Hyperspace Communication Probe – GHCP-T19