Opportunities for Immigrants – Genesis


The Central Committee of Genesis strictly limits immigrants to those with skills in short supply, yet opportunities exist for a wide variety of skilled tradespeople and professionals. Quotas of needed skills are revised quarterly and prospective applicants are encouraged to review the special publication GAI-SP-8-8336, “Open Skill Classifications for Genesis.”

Developed land is parceled out to all residents of Genesis who apply for an allocation. Waiting lists range from six months to three years for plots ranging from one to four hectares, depending on the location. Though no charge is made for developed land, high taxes are levied to pay the substantial costs of preparing it. Land may not be transferred via sale, but improvements such as landscaping or immovable structures may be sold.

GAILE provides transportation for 6000 immigrants annually in a starship of the double hex configuration. Travel time requires 64 days of ship time and 92 days of planet time.