Opportunities for Immigrants – Wyzdom


Wyzdom offers more opportunity than any other colony for Earth people with skills to employ them in their new home, because Wyzdom’s economy is the most diversified and advanced. Wyzdom actively seeks all skilled tradespeople. Unskilled and semi-skilled workers will also be accepted, provided they are of sound ethical character and have not been convicted of violating any law on Earth that would be punishable on Wyzdom. The following skills are in greatest demand at the time of this release: electrokinetics technicians, doctors, robot mechanics classes 1 to 4, teachers of mathematics and sciences, skilled cooks and chefs, and engineers and designers of all types.

Wyzdom’s high gravity subjects newcomers to significantly higher physical stresses than they have become accustomed to on Earth. While such gravitational forces have no harmful effects on people in normal health, grossly overweight individuals will not be accepted as immigrants.

Virgin land claims may be filed for unclaimed land anywhere on the planet. Maximum personal residence claims vary depending on the province from three hectares on the Jan Plateau to 20 hectares on the continent of Rigel Kentaurus. Farm claims and industrial claims are unlimited, provided all space is put to work in three years. Special claims are available on petition to the provincial governments. Claimed land may be transferred via sale.

GAILE provides transportation for 15,000 immigrants annually in a starship of the single hex configuration. Travel time requires 8.4 weeks of ship time and 12.1 weeks of planet time. Twelve information probes are exchanged between Earth and Wyzdom each year.