Opportunities for Immigrants – Mammon


Mammon Mining Company finances immigration to Mammon and selects immigrants. GAIL acts only as a data-gathering agency, and insures that MMC does not, in any way, misrepresent its contracts. Opportunities exist for most skilled workers, especially engineers, geologists, physicists, and. technicians with specialized knowledge of rare earth or matter/antimatter technology. A few unskilled workers, of sound moral character and with demonstrated ability and willingness to learn a trade, also are selected.

MMC requires all workers who do not sign a labor contract to sign a promissory note for payment of their passage. Unlike other colonies, return passage from Mammon may be purchased once outbound obligations are fulfilled. Most immigrants pay off passage in full and acquire substantial personal assets within ten years of their arrival. A fixed exchange rate between Earth Interdollars and Mammon credits is established at 0.43 to one.

Land claims, administered by regional governments, resemble those on other planets. Personal claims vary from five to 20 hectares, depending on location, and may remain unused for ten years. Industrial and mining claims must be developed within two years of filing a claim. Legal claims may be sold and may be purchased in Earth money.

MMC operates four starships of the quad-hex configuration, carrying up to 15,000 immigrants per year. Travel time requires 63 days of ship time and 92’days of planet’s time. Emigration currently amounts to less than 1,500 per year.

Figure 3.16.002 shown below depicts a typical remote mining facility.  The spire type mining modules use advanced laser drilling technology to bury themselves beneath the planet’s surface where the best concentrations of minerals exist.  Horizontal tunnels are then drilled out at various depths creating a vast underground web of connecting shafts used to extract the minerals.  The spires also provide living quarters, recreational and other facilities the miners need. The mining spires are efficiently manufactured in space and lowered to the planets surface with space tugs similar to residential spires.  It takes only weeks for this type of mining facility to become operational.


Figure 3.16.002 – Typical Alpha Type Mining Facility