General Characteristics – Wyzdom


The largest of the colonies, Wyzdom dwarfs the Earth. Its diameter measures 14 percent greater than Earth’s, while its mass bulks 1.65 times Earth’s. Consequently, gravity at the planet’s surface pulls with 27 percent more force than it does on Earth, exceeding that of any other colony planet.

While oceans cover the majority of Wyzdom’s surface, the land masses spread across an area 17 percent larger than Earth’s land area. Most of the land is divided into six large, widely-spaced continents. Chiron, the largest, and the only one inhabited by Humans to date, has an area of approximately 102,000,000 square kilometers, making it nearly twice the size of Earth’s Eurasian land mass. Two features stand out on Chiron’s map: the great Jan Plateau and the Allahm Mountains. The Jan Plateau, with a mean elevation of 4600 meters above sea level, covers an area half the size of Earth’s. South American continent. To the east stand the Allahm Mountains, taller than any mountain range on the habitable planets. Their tallest peak, Mt. Alfus, breaks all records; topping out 12,110 meters above sea level.