Physical Environment – Athena

Athena occupies the fourth orbit of the star system Sabex 50 (Chlorzi designation, Earth Catalog HR 7345) approximately 77.6 light years from Earth. Sabex 50 is a type G8V star approximately 1.4 times the mass of Earth’s sun. Because it lies so far from Earth, the constellations in the Athenian sky bear little resemblance to the familiar patterns, although some of the giant stars, like Antares and Betelgeuse, can still be seen plainly. Two moons orbit Athena, both smaller than Earth’s. The larger one, some 2030 kilometers in diameter, appears as a sphere slightly smaller than Earth’s moon, while the smaller moon, the size of a captured asteroid, looks only slightly larger than a point of light. Both moons are barren, lifeless planetoids with relatively low albedo.