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The 1st TESS science conference held July 29-August 1, 2019 presented some amazing exoplanet discoveries. A planet suitable for human habitation was not one of them.

Replicas, the novel based on the exoplanets, is now available in paperback from It was originally published in electronic format for the Kindle Reader on September 29. Written […]

Almost Wyzdom?

August 25, 2016 This week the news media boiled over with the most significant exoplanet discovery since the first one was confirmed in 1992.[1] A team of astronomers with the […]

A double-star for Brobdingnag

19 August 2016 When we wrote the Handbook for Space Pioneers in 1977, we didn’t know that Chi1 Orionis (HR 2047), the star orbited by exoplanet Brobdingnag, is a double-star […]

15 July 2016 As reported on July 2, exoplanets have been discovered in two of the GAIL Earth star systems. According to Wikipedia, the closest of these, 82 G. Eridani […]

27 November 2365 The Earth Branch of the Galactic Association of Intelligent Life (GAILE) announced the discovery of the most Earth-like exoplanet found to date. Located in the system HR […]

Help Wanted

14 May 2016 When we launched the Website in April 2015, we called for “artists, engineers, architects, map-makers, 3D modelers, scientists, and writers” to help us “create life, living […]


2 February 2343 Transmissions received from an FTL (faster-than-light) probe from the Nu2 Lupi system reveal the existence of a double-planet system, both planets of which are capable of habitation […]

14 October 2200 The starship Golan returned from an extended voyage to announce discovery of the third exoplanet that is potentially habitable by humans. But the current inhabitants may pose […]

17 May 2155 The first transmissions from the starship Armageddon reached earth today, bringing news of the discovery of a second exoplanet habitable by humans. The planet orbits the star […]